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Schach Grandmasters Lab DVD Serie
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Schachfiguren Remus Design Staunton, KH 76mm
Schachfiguren Remus Design Staunton, KH 76mm
Bei uns für nur :29.99EUR*
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DGT Smart Board
Schachgeflüster Topschach
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DGT Revelation II - Chesscomputer 2799.00EUR
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DGT Revelation II - Chesscomputer

The world strongest wooden Chesscomputer

(click to enlarge)

A wonderful Chesscomputer

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All Highlights:

- Included is a carrying bag for the complete system, so the Chess Board is well protected, and can be transported without risk;

- Fully standalone Chess Board, equipped with onboard embedded Marvell PXA320 high performance processor to facilitate the onboard chess engines;

- The PXA320 is the fastest processor in the well known PXA series, and runs at 800+ Mhz;

- The implementation of this PXA320 has a 32 bit wide databus, and a large cpu cache to ensure that the engines will run at their best performance;

- 128MB of DDR SDRam ensures enough memory for large Hash tables;

- 1 Gigabyte of Flash memory, so there is plenty of storage to upgrade with Chess Engines as they become available;

- ELO levels can be adjusted to play at your level (depending on engine settings);

- The Chess Board is multi chess engine, so you can select from a number of Chess Engines;

- The Chess Board will contain three engines at delivery, but can be upgraded with more Chess Engines;

- Included are Hiarcs and Shredder to ensure you have top performing Chess Engines;

- The Chess Board is using the great Piece Recognition Technology from DGT, so analysing and setting up chess positions are simple as that;

- The Chess Board is based upon the Revelation I Chess Board design, but now has slightly separated stands and they will be in black finish, resulting in a classic modern look;

- A larger display with double resolution, based upon the newest OLED technology, gives detailed information over the current chess game;

- The display as well as the led technology around the chess fields to indicate the moves are all made up from a gentle and elegant green lighting;

- All focus is upon beauty and passion for the chess game, so despite all electronics onboard, you will have a fine, wooden chess board of high quality with great pieces;

- For PC communication Bluetooth is available. This way you can upgrade with newest firmware when available or even newer Chess Engines, and upgrades on existing Chess Engines.

Full size: 60 x 58 cm
KH: 9,5 cm
Boardsize:54 cm
Fieldsize:5,4 cm
Chessboard-Material: Walnut/Maple

Select the Pieces you like:
(click to enlarge)






FIDE WM Pieces

Achtung! Wegen verschluckbarer Kleinteile nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet!

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 October, 2012.
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