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Schachbrett Kopenhagen klappbar, 50mm
Schachbrett Kopenhagen klappbar, 50mm
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Fighting for the Initiative! 26.95EUR
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Fighting for the Initiative!
Grandmaster Chess Secrets
by Tiger Hillarp Persson

Publisher: British Video Association, 2013
Edition: DVD
Video running time: over six hours
Language: English

Join one of the most creative and daring Grand Masters on the current international chess to

Tiger Hillarp Persson has many victories to his name and has been consistently rated over 2600 ELO, but he has the gift of explaining complex themes in a simple way. In his first chess instructional programme Tiger has decided to dispense with sitting behind a computer and going through variations.

Instead, he has invited you to sit down with him at the chessboard and explore the themes and ideas behind the initiative, why it is important, what to do with it, and how not to get carried away!

During the six hours of tuition, Tiger’s patient explanations and elegant style make this a must buy programme for all levels of chess ability who want to understand the Grandmaster Secret of the chess initiative!

Chapters include:
Game 1 Tiger Hillarp Persson v Peter Heine Nielsen 1998 - Creating an Initiative
Game 2 Magnus Carlsen v Levon Aronian (2008) - Sacrifice for the Initiative
Game 3 Tiger Hillarp Persson v Alexey Dreev (2009) - Unbalancing a Position
Game 4 Tiger Hillarp Persson v Anders Livner (2003) - Gambits are not just for Openings!
Game 5 Tiger Hillarp Persson v Aleksandar Kovacevic (2009) - Understanding who has the Initiative
Game 6 Denis Rosandic v Aleksander Delchev (2001) - Overplaying your Initiative
Game 7 Alexander Beliavsky v Bartlomiej Macieja (2001) - More Space? Harness the Initiative!
Game 8 Tiger Hillarp Persson v Sergei Tiviakov (2008) - The False Initiative
Game 9 Nigel D Short v Peter Heine Nielsen (2008) - Creating an Initiative with a Symmetrical Structure

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 18 August, 2013.
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