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The Art Of Shogi 31.00EUR
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THE ART OF SHOGI written by Tony Hosking

The first comprehensive guide to Japanese chess in English for complete beginner and advanced (dan) player.

288 pages with 725 diagrams

The Art Of Shogi includes:
An account of professional shogi in Japan (20 million Japanese can play!).
In-depth guide to strategy and openings (plus handicap games).
108 annotated professional game references, including the first 8 title games outside Japan.
Comparison and brief history of shogi and Western chess - which share the objective of checkmate, and some similar movement of pieces (kings, rooks, bishops, knights, pawns).
Captured shogi pieces change sides and can re-enter play, making nearly every game exciting and decisive!

Readers comments:

"My copy of 'TAOS' arrived today. VERY impressive!" (UK shogi player)

"Moi Aussi! I now know what I'm doing this weekend... we have here the definitive work on shogi in English for some years to come. Excellent!" (UK shogi player)

"A super book" (UK shogi player)

"It is a wonderful manual that has taken me into a higher level of playing" (US shogi player)

"I thought it was fantastic to have handicap theory...this traditional path of one place...You often pay a lot more for less with chess books...a book you can grow into...I am very pleased with 'TAOS'." (Norwegian shogi player)

"An excellent book..It's a great thing to have in a single book the main josekis [skilful techniques] explained for even and handicap games...The games and josekis are meticulously explained. The ideas behind the moves are explained...I encourage you to read this great book' (French shogi player)

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 05 September, 2012.
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