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Schachfiguren Saitek Schachcomputer
Schachfiguren Saitek Schachcomputer
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Fischer's Chess Games 60.00EUR
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Fischer's Chess Games

Introduction By Raymond Keene
-Published by Oxford University Press in 1980
-Includes games between 1955 and Fischer/Spassky's 1972 world Championship
-166 pages

Back Cover Summary:

Robert James Fischer is perhaps the most controversial, the most written-about and most talented chess player of all time. But he has not played a serious game since the notorious match with Boris Spassky at Reykjavik in 1972 when he won by 12.5-8.5 to become the first player from the United States to win the World Championship. Whether or not Bobby Fischer emerges to play again, his games will survive as as monument to his soil and, in particular, to a style which demonstrates so clearly the player's intense will to win. In his introduction to this book, the British grandmaster, Raymond Keene, says of Fischer that he is '...one of the few players of whom it can be said that virtually every game in which he is involved is worthy of publication and full of interest' and Fischer's Chess Games is the most complete book yet published. With the exception of the introduction the entire work is language less because it is printed in figurine algebraic notation of the form approved by the World Chess Federation with internationally accepted symbols explained in a number of important languages. Fischer's Chess Games is the most comprehensive collection ever published of the games of the man who many believe to be the greatest player of all time. It has been said that his games combine '...the scientific logic of Botvinnik, with the fierce hunting instinct of Alekhine or Lasker, and the lucid, effortless beauty achieved by Capablanca' so that every chess player in the world over will want to study for himself the games of such a genius of the chess board.

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