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Chess Informant 129
Chess Informant 129
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Beating the Grandmasters and IM's at Internet Speed Chess
by Mario Alberto Manasse

Publisher: Edizioni Del Faro, 2013
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-8-86537-805-2
Pages: 218
Language: English

King hunts, checkmates in 15 and more moves, brilliancies and blunders, never before seen games by the World Chess Champions Anatoly Karpov and Tigran Petrosjan: Blitzíem! is the first chess collection of miniature games dedicated to speed chess on the web.

Itís not a manual on How to win at chess or a Guide to Blitz and Bullet. Itís not a Book about chess tricks, traps and tips, or about chess tactics, or a chess psychology treatise: itís all these things together!

Divided in 6 Chapters (Inspirational Games, Beating the International Masters, Beating the Grandmasters, Beating the Speed Monsters, Miscellaneous Games, Beating the World Champions at Simultaneous Exhibitions), this book is the proof that every patzer can beat the highest rated players on the Planet if he just follows in the authorís footsteps.

Mario A. Manasse was born in Milan in the mid-late fifties. Rock Journalist, Guitar Player, Music Composer, Poet, Dreamer, Sommelier, Papyrologist and Chess Player, he works as the Creative Director of an international advertising agency. Blitz'em! is his fist book.

Mario Lanzani, International Master and Italian Champion 1987: "A wonderful reading, with precious insights on a subject often neglected in chess literature. The selection of games is top level and every page is filled with a lot of humor. A must for every chess player in the new century."

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 31 December, 2013.
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